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June 23, 2021

9 breast cancer signs will make you check your doctor

Being aware enough of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer would help you to beat it. It’s not hard to control this type of cancer, but it will be if you neglect or ignore any of the breast cancer signs mentioned below.

Erasing the illiteracy about breast cancer isn’t a choice; you should know the early signs, symptoms, when to see a doctor, and ways to treat it.

breast cancer signs

All of us know that breast cancer could attack both men and women, but it’s more common in women; let’s go deep and discover more about its signs:

  1. One of the early signs is a lump or thickening of breast tissue that is different from the surrounding area; if you notice that, you should take the first step by asking a consultant about this sign, and he will guide you to the next step which will usually be clinical examination and some blood tests.
  2. If you find any change in the breast shape, size, or appearance.
  3. Breast swelling, even if you don’t feel any lumps.
  4. If you find changes in your breast skin like dimpling, it looks like an orange peel.
  5. If you find your nipple turning inward, which is expressed by nipple retraction.
  6. The skin becomes dry, red, and flaking.
  7. The nipple discharges secretions rather than milk (blood or something else).
  8. The surrounding area of the nipple becomes flacked and crusted.
  9. Lymph nodes begin to swell (this one near the collar bone and the one under the arm); this swelling is sometimes considered a sign of breast cancer spreading before the breast lump is large enough to be felt.

These are the major signs of breast cancer; if you feel any of it or doubt it because of something, don’t hesitate to ask for consultancy.

You should also know more about breast cancer symptoms, its types, and treatment via this informative source.

Does breast cancer cause pain?

An important question that is usually and frequently asked “is the cancer patient feel pain in the breasts?”

It is an important question, and we would like to answer it concisely. Most breast cancers don’t cause pain, but some of them cause it. Usually, women feel breast pain and discomfort during the menstrual cycle or sudden pain because of mastitis.

However, if you feel severe or persistent pain, you should be checked by your doctor; it could be cancer or benign that should be treated. You can check more info about that from

When to see a doctor?

The national cancer institute said the person should visit a health care provider if the symptoms last more than 2 weeks. Also, he should take care of any worsening symptoms because it may double the disease risk if neglected. You should take care also if you have a family history that may increase the risk of cancer.

What are the risk factors for breast cancer?

  1. Being women.
  2. Inherited genes.
  3. Family history of breast cancer.
  4. Personal history of breast cancer.
  5. If the menstrual cycle begins before 12.
  6. If menopause starts at an older age.
  7. Radiation exposure is one of the reasons too.
  8. Being obese increases the risk of cancer.
  9. Having a first child at an older age.
  10. Never being pregnant.
  11. Drinking alcohol.
  12. Postmenopausal hormone therapy.

You can learn more about risk factors details and how to reduce cancer development risks from this topic

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