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June 10, 2021

9 signs of the final stages of cancer patient before death

Some of the famous questions that are usually asked are: “what are signs of the final stages of cancer patient before death?” what does the patient feel? How does he suffer in his last moments in life? We all know that cancer is one of the world’s most dangerous and fatal diseases. In 2018, it was considered one of the five deadliest diseases in the US.

Cancer patients always fight this attacking disease. Some of them win the battle, and some do not, unfortunately.

Signs of approaching death for the cancer patient (final stages)

Cancer patient faces some symptoms and signs in the final weeks:

  1. He feels more of a weakness and exhausted.
  2. Increasing the need to sleep more and spend most of the day in bed.
  3. He loses weight, and his muscles become thin and weak.
  4. His appetite becomes down; sometimes he can’t eat.
  5. He faces difficulty in eating or swallowing fluids.
  6. Ability to talk or concentrate becomes down.
  7. Loss of desire to mingle with the outside world, follow news and politics, and listen to his favorite music.
  8. Losing interest in doing things and hobbies that were important previously.
  9. The desire to have a few people nearby and limit the time he spends with visitors.

Within a few days of death cancer patient faces these symptoms and signs:

  1. Dryness of lips and mouth.
  2. His skin becomes cool and becomes dusky, especially on his hands and feet.
  3. The urine amount decreases.
  4. Losing control of bowel control and bladder.
  5. Feeling worried most of the time, having insomnia and involuntary movements.
  6. He becomes confused about time, places, family members, and friends and can’t recognize some things.
  7. Having some hallucinations like seeing or hearing things that don’t exist. Don’t worry about that; this phase is normal unless it makes the patient scared.
  8. He has dreams like traveling or meeting people who have died, …Etc.
  9. Becoming less responsive to voices and touches.

In this phase of a cancer patient’s battle, you must do some things to be supportive of him:

  1.  First, you should be ok with letting him go so you can take care of him until the end.
  2. You should provide him with comfort and rest. Use the fireplace and blankets to keep his body warm and follow up constantly.
  3. Just change his position from time to time, calm him always and remind him about his family, places, and friends in a good way. If he has mental confusion, don’t pressure him.
  4. If you feel that he is unresponsive, avoid saying “how are you” and replace it with “we are here with you,” “everything is alright,” “we love you,” “you are the best one in our life”.. keep focusing on positive words to maintain or improve his mental health.
  5. Don’t hesitate to call for help if you find something you can’t manage. You can also use the advantage of online medical consultation to help you in critical situations like inability to take medications, breathing problems, or a sudden change in consciousness.
  6. Just respect his choices if he selects a specific person to care for him.

You should follow these instructions to take care of the cancer patient in his last days and make him rest in peace. When you observe the signs of approaching death, just be patient with him, take care of him wisely, and remember that he fights with the deadliest in the world.

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