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July 22, 2021

How do cancerous cells die?

Cancer patients always seek the answer to the question “How do cancerous cells die?” we will list the answer in 7 points below. But first, you should know the differences between normal cells and cancer cells because they are totally different in the way they die.

This topic differentiates between both simply; what are the differences between normal and cancer cells?

Cancerous cells usually die after taking medications and chemotherapy treatment which play a significant role in controlling DNA and changing the internal structure of every cancerous cell.

Also, there’re many other ways to kill and destroy cancer cells which are:


Radiotherapy use x-ray to damage cancer cells
Radiotherapy use x-ray to damage cancer cells

Also called radiation therapy, doctors use x-rays, gamma rays, protons, or electron beams to damage cancer cells. It is an efficient way to kill fast-growing cancerous cells.

Thermal therapy:

Thermal therapy heats the cancer cells
Thermal therapy destroys the cancer cells

It is called thermotherapy, or thermal ablation. Here, doctors use intense heat to kill cancer cells with no or little harm to normal cells; they heat body tissue as high as 113°F to destroy cancerous cells. It is a suitable treatment option for one organ or a small area of cells.

Many techniques doctors use to create hyperthermia; these techniques include:

  • Using probes to make energy from microwaves.
  • Radio waves or radiofrequency: Radiofrequency-induced thermotherapy (RFITT): doctors use this type of treatment to ablate the tumor thermally through coagulation.
  • Ultrasound: It is an acoustic, mechanical way that uses acoustic vibration to produce heat that damages cancer cells.
  • Laser interstitial thermal therapy: Doctors use lasers, which consist of highly focused beams of light, to heat cancer cells and damage them in the body tissue.
  • Heating fluids or perfusion: here, doctors heat blood or chemotherapy drugs, then put them in the body.
  • Placing the body in a heated room, put it in a hot water bath, or cover it with a heated blanket.

Laser therapy:

laser therapy light damage abnormal cells
laser therapy damages abnormal cells

Doctors use laser therapy, an intense narrow beam of light to damage abnormal cells of cancer. Lumps cells absorb light of different wavelengths than normal cells, so doctors can target the tumor cells by selecting the suitable wavelength of the laser.


cryotherapy freezes cancer cells
Cryotherapy freezes cancer cells

This way of treatment could destroy cancer by using extreme cold to freeze cancer cells and damage them. Cryotherapy, called cryoablation or cryosurgery, is considered an effective way to kill cancerous cells.

Other causes of cancer cell death:

  • Viral infection.
  • Estrogen or androgen withdrawal.
  • Activate the immune system.
  • Loss of cellular connectivity.
  • Starvation of amino acids.
  • Interference with intracellular signals.

Do cancer cells die naturally?

A study that shows us that cancer cell dies when a defect “fixed”:

Do cancer cells die naturally

A study conducted in 2004 shows us there’s a possibility of the natural die of cancer cells by using a new series of anticancer drugs.

Normal cells destroy themselves when reaching the end of their life; as we explained above, the cancer cells have a defective self-destruct program that makes too much BCL-2 molecule gobbles up the chemical messengers that activate cell suicide.

The researchers in this study were thinking about killing cancer cells by targeting the molecules that make them survive. They just wanted to remove the barrier that prevents cancer cells from death.

In this topic, we covered many important points about the death of cancer cells and how they die by showing a good study focused on killing cancer cells naturally.

So, cancer is a disease you should not tolerate; if you find or face any of its symptoms, you must ask quickly for advice from the health care provider team to take urgent actions to beat it.

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