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Speak to a UK consultant using telemedicine

This service is similar to when you visit a doctor in Egypt for a face to face consultation, the only difference is that the appointment is online using video or audio calling according to your preference. The appointment needs to be booked in advance, and you need to send us all your documents including blood tests results, radiology imaging results, any other medical documents of relevance, with sufficient time for the doctor to review them before your consultation. Our admin team is here to help you with anything you need. ** The majority of consultations depend on medical history findings and investigation results. Physical examination is not necessary in the majority of consultations.

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Consolto (MDT) service

This service is designed for complex medical problems in which more than one organ/system of the body is affected, and in cancer cases, these medical problems require the input of more than 1 expert clinician. After understanding your problem and creating an initial report, it will be shared with the experts reviewing your case. They will meet via a video call to discuss your case, interpret your results and present you with their combined medical expert opinion. There may be between 2 to 4 doctors from different specialties reviewing your case simultaneously depending on the problem. ** Multi-disciplinary team meetings are normal practice in the UK healthcare system (NHS), all our doctors regularly participate in MDT meetings and they all work within the NHS.


Reporting Radiology images

Accurate treatment depends on accurate diagnosis, and accurate diagnosis depends on accurate interpretation of your results including radiological investigations such as X-rays and CT/MRI scans. In order to make sure we are presenting you with the best medical advice we believe having your radiology images interpreted by our expert Radiologists is essential. **Our radiologists are highly specialised which means that an MRI brain and spine gets reported by a highly trained radiologist who only specialises in neuroradiology.


Treatment in London

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London is a hub of international medical tourism, home to some of the best doctors and hospitals in the world. With its relative proximity to Egypt and the Middle east, and the fact that English is the de facto language, London is a premier destination when it comes to private medical treatment. Health tourism can be combined with recuperating and spending a great time in the city seeing it’s many landmarks and attractions, combining your medical visit with a rejuvenating cultural trip. ** We are here to help you every step of the way, from understanding your medical needs to organising your appointments with the best medical experts in the best private hospitals.


Ask DoctorFly

This free service is for patients who have medical questions for our UK NHS doctors or those needing minor help with directing their medical management plans. Please submit your medical query and a team member will get back to your as quickly as possible. We aim to respond to all medical queries within 1 week. ** This service is for simple medical problems that do not require reviewing investigation results or further medical history taking from the patients

Ask DoctorFly