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July 19, 2021

What is the breast cancer lump’s shape? with pictures

A common question frequently asked about breast cancer is “what is the breast cancer lump’s shape?” it is too beneficial to know its shape, size, and how it looks with pictures. Before getting deep into the answer, we should first spotlight some critical information.

What is the structure of the breast?

By using sonographically, the breast consists of 3 layers which are:

  • The subcutaneous layer
  • The mammary (glandular) layer
  • The retromammary layer

These layers are located between the skin and the pectoralis major muscle on the anterior of the chest.

What are the breast cancer lumps?

A breast cancer lump is a tumor with a size, shape, and structure. A cancerous lump is rounded, soft, and tender and can develop on any part of the breast.

Also, it has many forms; it could be big or small and movable.

The malignant tumor mass moves with breast tissues as a part, unlike the benign tumor, which is separated from breast tissues.

This is what the lump looks like:

breast cancer mass


And this photo differentiates between the malignant tumor and benign tumor

benign tumor vs malignant tumor
Benign tumor vs. Malignant tumor

As you see, a malignant tumor can spread, so it is too important to take quick reactions to control this aggressive type of cancer.

Where can you find the breast cancer lump?

As mentioned above, the cancerous lump can develop in any breast part, from the armpit to the collarbone. But there are some specific parts where cancer usually appears in each gender.

In women, it is usually found in the upper outer quadrant of the breast, and in men, it usually develops near the nipples.

Breast cancer stages:

Let’s talk now about its stages briefly. There are 5 major stages of breast cancer which are:

  • Stage zero (non-invasive)
  • Stage 1 (Invasive)
  • Stage 2 (Invasive)
  • Stage 3 (Invasive)
  • Stage 4 (Invasive)

Each stage has a treatment plan that your health care team can guide you through based on severity. If you want to know more about breast cancer stages via this exciting topic ……

And here’s an infographic for the stages:

Breast cancer stages
Stages of breast cancer

Also, knowing how to do a breast self-exam is necessary to ensure your breasts are healthy. If you want to know how to check it, just read this topic.

If you notice anything weird, don’t hesitate to ask for your health care team’s help.

So, when should you consult a doctor for your breasts?

  • Finding an inverted nipple.
  • Your skin becomes thickened.
  • Feeling a lump in your breast.
  • You notice a change in your breast size or shape.
  • Having breast pain after the end of your period.
  • Redness, dimpling, or puckering skin

There are many types of online medical consultation, and we are in DoctorFly provide interactive online services to know if you have a cancerous tumor or not; in case you have, we will help and guide you to the best treatment plan. Reserve now and book an appointment from this link.

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